Clarification on comma usage with “but”

When Do You Use A Comma Before Or After But?


Hello, my presser friends and authors!

So I was looking at a Twitter post about the problem with Social Media book promoting right now. To summarize, people are upset over the data breaches, the political ads and general nonsense of the people who run the sites. This means people are switching over to new social media sites to promote their books. I’ll save you some reading, the article suggests LinkedIn and Pintrest. I’m already using those sites, so I figure I’m good to go. 🙂

Now in the corner of the article, there were some helpful writing and grammar tips. Naturally, I gravitated to them and read a few that piqued my interest.

When to use a Comma with “But” clears up one of the problems I’ve had. That being said, the writer points out a common-sense solution that should have occurred to me. I’m kicking myself in the butt (different but no comma needed) over it. The article is well written and includes a lot of good examples of what the writer is explaining.

The great news is that the rule can be applied to other connectors as well. So, it was worth the read just to brush up on what we learned in high school English soooo very long ago. (For me anyway.)

It didn’t address usage in dialogue, so I asked about that and I’m waiting on a response. I’ll post it when I get a response.

In the meantime, I hope this helps refresh your memory and clears things up like it did for me. 🙂


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