Whew! Some relief…

Okay, guys! I am the happy and relieved and I can breathe for a minute. Exciting news, I started getting those back tax refunds! So far, I’ve received two. They were nice checks like I can pay all my bills up to date and even next month’s type of nice. 🙂

I paid all my bills, and I treated myself to a little retail therapy. I bought groceries, some new paint, and canvasses, a couple of books, a new pair of shoes and I took the family out to a sit-down dinner. I got a little tripod for my camera so I can take better pictures of my paintings, and do my video blog on coping with depression, loss, anxiety, trauma and all that lovely mix of BS.

I have landed a job with the Census… got my fingerprints done and everything, but that doesn’t start until April. Got to survive until then. I applied for a job with the department of labor… waiting to hear back on that. I’ve been doing freelance writing, made a few bucks there and there’s another sporadic job that I need to start. Now that I have gas money I can afford to do the driving required for that.

I’ve been hanging out with my aunt, the one we almost lost about a year ago. She’s funny, smart and beautiful, I love her so much. We’ve started painting together and I’m happy that she’s super excited about something again. She’s 77 and had a rough time of it and her recovery, but this is boosting her spirits.

I said something about moving away and she said (and this is a cleaned-up direct quote):
“Okay now, you going to go and P*** me the f*** off!”
uhmmm okay… nevermind, I’ll stick around… damn woman chill. When a 77 yr old woman says that… you listen! So I agreed to stick around as long as she does and then all bets are off. She is okay with that. 🙂 *whew!*

My mom continues to have her memory issues and some cognitive issues (like putting dirty paper plates back in the cabinet instead of the trash). She forgets what cards she is supposed to play, how much they are worth, so I separate them into piles of 50pts, 20 pts, 10 and then 5… then she can add them up. It’s hard to see her decline, and a struggle to stay patient but I’m working on it. Then I kind of wonder, is some of this my fault? Like am I doing too much for her and contributing to it? Is it that she’s getting lazy because she knows I’ll take care of it? Like a kid that doesn’t want to do homework so they act up and frustrate a parent to the point that the parent finds the information for them instead of making them look it up.

I don’t know… Doctor say there’s nothing they can do, but at least she doesn’t know there’s a problem. Which is true, mom thinks I’m crazy. I’ve started recording things she says when I think she might change her mind or forget she said it. Like she doesn’t like Mcdonalds fish sandwich, but when I tell her that she argues with me. So I recorded her after I get her one and then play it for her when she wants one again. Then I’ll get her the dang sandwich when she still argues… and then she says she likes it again. *facepalm*

I told her that her tastebuds are on the fritz. She thinks that is funny(ish).

Anyway, that’s an update. I will post my Valentine’s day date later this week. 🙂 I am a good girlfriend. 🙂 No, I’m not ready to date, so I’ll explain that later.  lol


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