Valentine’s Day part 1 :)

So, instead of just being bummed about being without hubby for Valentine’s Day, I treated myself to a night out. My childhood and best friend Donna and I went to the casino. It’s about 2 hrs away, she won some free stuff… including a free buffet for two.

The first machine I was on, I put in $5 and won $39. I was pretty happy about that and cashed out. The very next machine I got on, I put a $10 bill in. I bet twice and hit a bonus round, I was super excited about it because I figured I’m at least getting my $2.00 back. Yay me, but…. the bonus kept coming and by the time it was all over… I had won $217 (I think) coupled with the previous win… was over $250!


I thought… it’s time to take a break and we were hungry so we went to the buffet. They had prime rib, grilled steak, a killer salad bar and a dessert section. Oh my goodness, it was so good! I didn’t get the prime rib the line was too long, but I did get some steak and a salad and strawberry cheesecake. Again… WOOT!!

We went back to the casino floor and stuck around for a little bit more, then headed over to the other casino. We both had some free play money there so we cashed those in and I hit for another $130! I was having a great time, and we stayed there until like 1 am and had to drive back. I also had free food credit at that casino, so I got a roast beef sub and a chocolate chip cookie and some chips to take home with me.

We had a blast! It was much better than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. 🙂

After losing some, giving Donna gas money and giving my mom some money I walked out of the casino $450 to the good. 🙂

And the fun didn’t stop there! I’ll post the rest of it and some pictures tomorrow I think.

So, to recap… I showed myself a good time out on the town, hung out with a really great friend and had some really good food and it didn’t cost me nothing! 🙂  In fact, they paid ME to have a good time. Can’t beat that with a stick!

~Good girlfriend to myself,

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