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On turning 50… (how did that happen?)

Last year, I refused to have a party. Mom said fine, but for my 50th she wanted to do a big thing. At the time, I said yeah sure… but somewhere after that, I changed my mind. I have mixed feelings on the matter. On one hand, I HATE that I’m getting older and the age 50 brings with it some irrational fear and dread.

50… my dad passed away 40 days after his 50th birthday. Mom surprised him with a big birthday party. I didn’t want a big surprise party… there’s an underlying fear of the 40 days after. And it certainly doesn’t help things that the entire world is being ravaged by a killer virus.

Hubby passed away before 50 so I guess that worry was somewhat unfounded but I really didn’t think of that until my sister in law pointed it out. (Thanks! Shout out to her!)

Plus the people my mom would invite to my party were people who can’t be bothered to come see me any other time, why would I want that? As it was, my brother who usually doesn’t even call me for my birthday came in to see me. That was really nice and unexpected. I want to think it was his idea, but I have a feeling that my mom had everything to do with that.

He drove a few hours to be here in a time where things were rocky for him. I really do appreciate the effort and time he took to come here just to turn around the next day and head back home. It was really sweet. 🙂

So something else exciting happened for my birthday. My aunt and I were talking about possibly doing an art walk in our town. Basically, it’s a bunch of people setting up tables downtown while people walk by (and think they can go home and do that themselves) and businesses host artists and give free food and wine apparently. I think it’s a way to help revitalize our downtown district.

So anyways I called (the day before) to see what it cost and it was free! Heck yeah! But we decided we weren’t ready and maybe the next time. On the 6th, the day before my Bday, I had a job interview (didn’t get it) and when I got out of there I had 2 missed calls. One was from the lady I had spoken to about the cost, she said someone had canceled at the last minute and they had a business that needed to host an artist did we want to take the spot? Oh my gosh! My eyes were wide as saucers, we aren’t ready! She went on to say that she’d given my contact information to the business… wanna guess who the next missed call was from? Yep… the business owner. My eyes got even bigger and my heart started racing.

My brain was screaming: “We aren’t ready! We talked about this, it isn’t going to work! Your brother is coming in! You’ve got dinner plans! The paintings need to be sealed, we don’t have a table! Even if we do get them sealed, they won’t be dry enough and they’ll stink up the business. They’ll hate us!”

My fingers were already calling my aunt to ask her what she thought we should do. She said: “Let’s do it!” With much trepidation, I called the business owner and explained all our shortcomings and that I couldn’t stay the whole event because it was my birthday and company coming in… blah blah. He was cool; he appreciated us doing it; he told us to calm down that it was very very chill and no reason to be stressed out.

So, we did… we panicked and sealed our best paintings. We left them outside to dry and went to work trying to get a table, a cloth for the table… and rescheduling dinner plans for later that evening. We were a little late, but we set up and after everything settled down a little bit one of the girls that worked there brought out a cake and said happy birthday! WHAT?! That was so sweet, they even had a card and a small present for me. I didn’t open it there… because she told me that she painted verses on blocks of wood but this one was blank and it was busy.

After my brother got here, we went to Chili’s and ate because they were the ones that were open later. We had a nice dinner, lots of laughter and the sweetest waitress ever.

The cake was amazing! I opened my gift and the block made me chuckle. (chuckle=Laugh out loud a lot.) It is a simple block of wood with a twine bow on it, but I love it so much. Every time I look at it, I crack up because the bag was so fancy and it’s literally a block of wood but it was so sweet that I love it.

On my birthday, my chosen few people met up at Pizza Hut. I chose it because I really wanted a great salad… I was disappointed but still had a great time. My cousin and his wife Melinda and their son was there, my aunt, Donna (the childhood friend from Valentine’s Day) and of course me, mom and my son. Everyone else got their food before me, and we were wondering what had happened… I ended up getting mine for free because of the mixup. I got a couple of gift cards from the Hobby Lobby (craft store) and a wonderful plaque from my friend.

It was nice… but I guess I do regret not letting mom plan a party, only because she would have loved to do it and would have had fun and I denied her that. Not because I want a big party, but because it would’ve made her happy and it was a small thing that I could’ve let her have. I need to remember that sometimes it’s not about me… (yes my birthday and technically about me) but about how many moments we have left with someone else. Anyway…

I had a nice birthday before the virus struck and we’re all staying home. It’s been about 13 days since we went out on the town. No one is sick. I think we got lucky with that. The virus posts will be in following posts. This is my happy post for my birthday.

Your dear old,

7 thoughts on “On turning 50… (how did that happen?)”

  1. Happy Birthday and 50 is not so bad at all! I don’t like parties, we just had a family birthday dinner out, but my birthday treat was a visit to Windsor Castle – inside… we lived not far away and often went to Windsor for a stroll, but not INSIDE! I was a coronation year baby, maybe that’s why I chose it. My strangest present was also a block of wood, from my younger son; a knife block!

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    1. Wow! That sounds wonderful… I want to get over there someday to visit. I want to visit strange places lol. I want to go to famously haunted castles, walk along the road to Bathe.. (Bath?) I want to see some friends I have over there… not really the touristy stuff.

      A nice pub one reccommended by one of my friends over there. Let them show me the cool stuff that other people miss. Hidden gems…

      Oh!! I forgot to tell everyone what I’m going to do with my block. Thanks for reminding me!

      So how are things going over there? Are you guys doing okay? Enough food and such? Are you quarantined? What are you doing to stay entertained?

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      1. Our lives are upside down anyway because my husband is ill – we got him out of hospital last week so now I am his carer and confined anyway – ironically I am in the same boat as many. My daughter’s family are confined as her husband came home from teaching in London with symptoms! Hurrah for the internet and good old fashioned telephones. I hope you get to visit the U.K. one day.

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      2. That is a rough spot, I hope your hubby makes a speedy recovery. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and positive vibes and such. I hope your son-in-law doesn’t have it! Wishing him health too!

        There’s skype and discord to play on, as well as video chats. I think I’m going to start doing those youtube videos lol. I

        I’ve got one of me and mom discussing the finer points of toilet paper management. Not sure the humor will cross with everyone though.

        Nervous about it. Stay well and fed. 🙂

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