Things that happen at my house

Oops! Part 2 of Valentine’s Day to myself. :)


So part two of my V-day.

After I got home, I slept in. I mean like really really slept in. I think it was after 1 pm when I crawled out of bed. Some details are foggy, on why I had to go out… I think.. oh yeah! I had to go to the post office to mail out some Christmas gifts (Yes, Christmas gifts, don’t @me) to my sister and a good friend in Arizona because her birthday was coming up in March.

My the way, some of my friends are still waiting on Christmas gifts and I totally forgot some presents that were stashed away. I’ll send those eventually but I am rambling… back on track Kaw! Right…

So before I did that, I hit the Walmart and got some sweet clearance roses and some chocolate. 🙂 I got 2 dozen roses for less than $15 and 6 small chocolate heart samplers for $3 and $1 for some heart-shaped cookies. My friend Donna was working, so I wrapped 6 of the roses and took them up to where she was working and embarrassed her. (The way only a childhood friend can…) With customers checking out I gave her the roses and chocolate and cookies (she’s diabetic so not too much) and thanked her for a wonderful night. Gave her a wink and made a quip about me keeping her up all night.

That was sooooo fun! She got all red-faced and started hastily explaining, while I laughed and looked very innocently unaware of how it had sounded to others. After that, I gave my mom 6 roses and some candy and cookies and headed over to my aunt’s house to deliver her some as well.

So I spread my happy thriftiness with those I love the most. 🙂 Below is what I had left for me. Hubby would be proud… I was thrifty but sweet to myself. Hubby was thrifty until Christmas… then he went nuts and overspent. He was like a child that way, couldn’t wait to show us what he got us.

So anyway, this is the first time I gave a flying flitter about doing anything for Valentine’s Day.




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