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Playing the stock market… O.o I know… but I’m doing it!

Okay, So I haven’t been online much to tell y’all this, but some of the back taxes the government owes me has come in. 🙂

So far it’s been keeping us afloat while I’m looking for work. I’ve decided since our stock market is crashing that it might be a good time to bargain hunt for stocks that I might not ordinarily be able to afford.

It’s actually my son and his friends that brought this little phone app to my attention. My son got a free stock for me signing up and I got one too. Turns out the one I got just so happens to be a company working on a vaccine for the Corona Virus… so, on one hand, yay me. On the other hand, they are now embroiled in a scandal but the stock is still double what I paid for and plus the free one. I’m still happy.

Me: I want to play the stock market.
Advisors:  Getting into buying stocks right now? Are you CRAZY?! People are selling everything. The market is hemorrhaging and stocks are in free fall..
Me: Well.. I was pretty good at the game… and I did well with it in school (social studies project) I was one of the richest investors in class. I figured what the heck. I mean… it’s the perfect time to go bargain hunting right? I mean I am an old couponing, yard sale shopping, broke chick… this is what I live for. Bargains!!!
Them: We don’t even know how to deal with the first of that. But for the rest of it.. you’re not entirely wrong about bargains… but it’s still a bad time to start.
Me: I’ve got about $150 I can take from the tax money refund. I’ve spent that much at a casino, so why not? It’s not any worse than going to a casino and I may even reap long term benefits. I looked it up online, there’s a whole firm dedicated to buying when others are selling.
Them: I mean, it’s better than going to the casino. Marginally better anyway… I mean, again… you’re not wrong. Some firms do that.
Me like a sullen teenager: You can’t stop me, it’s my money. I can do what I want with it!
Them: Fine, Okay so… what are you thinking of investing in?
Me doing a little fist pump: Yesss! Okay so, something stable, but cheap right now Ford, GE. The staples like Coke and Pepsi are too much for me. Something up and coming maybe one of those 3D printer manufactures or Fitbit, or Gopro.  Pharmaceuticals are a pretty good bet, people are always getting sick and they’re always coming up with new stuff to treat people with.
Them: sounds good… we like where your head is at and it sounds like you’re doing some research. You’re not all in the same field, some divers-..
Me: Oh yeah and CANNABIS!
Them: -sity. Wait, what?! Settle down lady. Whoa…
Me: What? It’s going to be legal all over the US soon. I figure it’s a ground floor type of thing… someone is going to skyrocket after supplying old hippies.
Them: I… I want to argue but… it’s not a terrible idea. Just be careful.
Me: I will! I’ve already checked out some companies… and you’ve got little tips and there’s the little rating thing saying what the experts think. Buy, Sell and hold recommendations.

So, now I check my stocks every day, several times a day. All day. It’s like watching a slot machine spin… you never know if something is going up or down… I’m obsessing over it but in a fun and healthy way.

If people are interested in a free stock I might share my link so we can both get a free stock. Y’all will have to let me know. Yes, money is tight… I know. I started out with $20 just to see what happened… Little by little I’ve added to it. It’s up to you how you want to do it and you don’t have to have a lot of money.

Stock in Ford, for instance, is only $4.50 (I bought some) GE… is like $6.50 (gonna buy some). I’ve been advised to be careful. I am.

Advisors: Hold the stocks for at least 5 yrs before selling…
Me: Okay!
Also Me seeing my stocks going up: Sell it! Get my profit! KaChing!!
Advisors: That’s not the way to do things; hold onto them.
Me seeing them falling: OH CRAP! I knew I should’ve sold them…
Advisors: Daym… woman chill!
Me: but… but… holds my phone out. LOOOK at them! My babies are falling!
Advisors: hold them for 5 yrs! What part of that don’t you get?!
Me: But…
Them: Ride it out; look at how those companies did over the last 5 yrs.
Me: okay… *looks* Yeah, they were way higher…
Them: do they have a lot of dips along the way?
Me: Yeah…
Them: Did they recover?
Me mumbling: Yeah….
Them: Then CHILL GIRL!
Me in a huffy teenage eye-rolling kind of way: Fine… I’ll chill… but I still want to take a profit on one of them.
Them: Pick 1 to play with and quick sell. JUST ONE…
Me: Yesss!!!

I haven’t done it yet, I’ve been good. Mainly because I know “They” will be all smug about it if I buy and sell one for a small gain just before it freaking skyrockets in value.

I’m thinking I might blog about my learning about the stock market…. I’ve been researching a bunch of stuff and I know stuff now. 🙂 I’m learning stuff. 🙂 and being weird while I’m doing it.

Oh my goodness, I’ve got to tell you about the craziness that happened last week. It’s going to be full of silliness! I went out on a photo-taking job for a real estate company.

I’m feeling much sillier lately, I even have some virus silliness to share during the self-isolation time, although I’m a little afraid to be lighthearted and strange again. The last time I was full of silliness and joking about being unsupervised… things took a bad turn.

We’ll see because the world needs a little silliness right now.

Your stockmarket guru in the making,

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