My people are coming for me! Woot!

So here’s what happened. I got a junk email, which is usually easily ignorable, but this one almost got me. I’ve never wanted to click on a junk email so very badly before. It’s almost worth getting a virus or my identity stolen over. Are you ready?!

I… (little ol me) got a message from:

The Intergalactic Council!!

*SQUEE!!!!!!* I knew it!!! I knew I wasn’t from here…  *happy dances* Whew, things make so much sense now! Now that I’m outta here, I can tell you that humans are so weird and sometimes not in a fun kitschy kind of way. Ya’ll are weird and my people have come for me. Or will be… so: Peace out bitches!… *settle down….  take a deep steadying breath…. settle down keep reading..*


Subject: You have been chosen…

Obviously, they are intelligent beings, they have email and one HECK of an internet provider. HELL YEAH!!! PEACE OUT!….wait… there’s more…

We are a council made up of many different beings from many different galaxies and we…

We WHAT?!!!!!

I have to click to find out. *dies a little* I wanna touch it, but if I do it… I’m pretty sure I lose my identity and my savings and all my passwords are published on the dark webs and my physical address…

but I wanna…

Whoever it is has been paying attention. They know sci-fi is my thing… in the middle of a pandemic where my country is making a ripe mess of things they offer a way out. They know I’m a child of the 80s with movies like: The Last Starfighter, Star Trek and Firefly all my geeky interests. These people get me! They really get me! No please, really come get me, my bags are packed.

Your sorely tempted,

PS. I assume my like-minded friends also got the message so check your junk mail. 😉

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