2020 is crazy!

Hello everyone,

I’m sporadic I know, but as you all know… things are kind of crazy here in the US. First and for most I want to know how y’all are doing? Are you healthy? Is Covid19 disappearing in your area? It’s still increasing here…

I’m staying healthy, and I’ve found some healthy ways to deal with my anxiety. 🙂 That’s good news. I’ve started a garden, I’m making masks for my friends and family… I’m donating to the Navajo nation. I’m not painting as much…. and now I’ve got a protest group on Facebook.

It’s called W.A.R.N. for Workers Against Reopening Now…. it was Too Soon… but no one wanted to be “WARTS” Can’t blame them there. It’s slow going… disappointing to see that people are willing to go back to work without ample testing, or wear masks…. while the virus is still ravaging the country. We are looking for safe ways to protest but no one really seems interested. I guess people just like to complain. So I’m a little discouraged, but I tell myself that at least I tried. 🙂

There are still people who believe that it’s a plot to make the occupant of the white house look bad. I personally don’t think he needs help in that department. They don’t want to wear masks either… so that puts me and my mother at risk, but who cares.

I am editing my book again. I swear I’m busier now than I was when I was working!

And as if 2020 hasn’t been a colossal cluster…. now we have riots. Where once again… people aren’t wearing masks. America is seeing dark days and I’m afraid of what the future holds. There is a lack of leadership and empathy and it seems like someone is manipulating everyone behind the scenes. I’ll elaborate in another post.

We are safe and healthy at the moment. I hope you are too!


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