July 8: Rekia Boyd

Rekia Boyd
November 5, 1989-2012


What happened: In March of 2012 Rekia was hanging out with friends having a few drinks. Around 1 am they headed to the local liquor store. Meanwhile someone called in a noise complaint as Dante Servin was leaving his shift and heading out for a burger. He responded to the park where the driver of the car Antonio Cross, accused Servin of attempting to buy drugs from the group. Cross allegedly told Servin to get his “crackhead ass” out of there.

At which point, Servin pulled his gun and shot into the car striking Rekia in the head and killing her and wounding Cross.

Accounts differ:
Dante Servin, a white-off-duty Chicago Illinois police detective called in a noise complaint then headed over to confront the group and told them to be quiet, police said. Words were exchanged and, as Boyd and the others turned to walk away, Servin fired five shots from his car.

After the shooting, Servin told investigators that said he feared for his life and fired in self-defense. He claimed he saw Boyd’s boyfriend pull a gun from his pants and take aim.
No gun was recovered.

Witnesses said that Servin appeared drunk at the time of the incident.
Some accounts say Servin stuck his gun inside Cross’s car and opened fire. Others say he fired from inside of his own car.

NOW: Servin began seeking to have the case expunged from his record, citing post-traumatic stress disorder and his difficulty in finding steady employment since his acquittal in 2015.

The Chicago Police Department defended Servin’s actions and arrested Cross. The Police Department claimed that Servin had discharged his weapon after Cross had approached him with a gun. 
Upon investigation it was discovered that Cross was holding a cellphone. It was also discovered that Servin had violated the department’s deadly force policy, made conflicting statements to investigators and failed to qualify to use the weapon he fired on the night of the shooting

November 2013, Servin was charged with involuntary manslaughter
April 20, 2015, was cleared of all charges by Judge Dennis J. Porter. Porter’s reasoned that as the shooting was intentional it was first-degree murder.
Attorney Sam Adam, Jr., accused the state prosecutor of undercharging Servin knowing that the charges would be dropped. To gain favor with the police department.
November 2015, An independent department investigation filed termination charges saying Servin was negligent, violated policy and demonstrated “incredibly poor judgement” by intervening in a citizen dispute while off-duty.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy  both suggested that Dante Servin should be fired by the Chicago Police Board.
May 17, 2016, Servin resigned two days before the departmental hearing to decide whether he should be fired.
Servin had been seeking to have the case expunged from his record, citing post-traumatic stress disorder and his difficulty in finding steady employment since his acquittal in 2015.
Novemember 19, 2019 The record of former Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin will not be expunged after a ruling by a Cook County judge on Tuesday.

The city paid $4.5 million to Boyd’s family.
Boyd’s death would help inspire the Black Lives Matter movement.


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