An update!

Hey guys and guyettes,

I FINISHED rewriting Nwa Pante Rising! Woot! I’m editing for grammar issues and I have some beta readers looking things over. If anyone here would like a copy to preview and help with any errors… Let me know!

I also have found a job! Thankfully! It’s in a small office and after I’m done training it will just be me. So less exposure to the Covid… it does deal with the public, but I have a thick pane of safety glass between me and them. I wear a mask and our governor has FINALLY made it a mandate to wear one. I’m in the south where people are tend to be a bit dim and they think it’s a hoax or just something to make Trump look bad, or just don’t want to be told what to do…. so they aren’t doing the right things. “

I haven’t had any anxiety about going to work… I feel like I’m taking all the right precautions. I sanitize the sign in screen between each client and I sanitize the entrance. After handling money I sanitize my hands, (pretty sure that I’m absorbing an unhealthy amount of sanitizer) so far so good.

I’ve been busy, and I plan to keep doing stories on police violence but I haven’t had time.

Anyway, that’s what is up with


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