A mixed bag of news..

So last week, I got a new job! Yay!!! Was so excited…. looking forward to going back to work but with some trepidation due to being in the Southern US and the covid being a persistent thing due to… well being stupid. I mean I want to sugar coat it and be nice, but it’s just not possible when this literally happened to me:

Our governor reopened our state and then went to phase 2 while we are still peaking in Covid19 cases. So I decided to tell him my thoughts on his facebook page where he’s touting our so called success.

Me to the governor of my state: What are you doing?! You are opening up way too soon! How is 600+ cases a day doing great? We only have 172 ICU beds in the entire state! We have 79 counties… that’s like 2 people per county and we are opening up restaurants. Have you lost your mind?! And you want to send kids back into this mess?
Random internet dude: Covid19 is a political hoax to make trump look bad. You’re an idiot! When is the last time we shut down the entire country for a virus? Show me 1 time! You can’t! Go on, I’ll wait…
Me after literally 3 seconds: I won’t keep you waiting long… Boom: Spanish Flu 1918. Here’s some references:

Random internet dude: You must hate kids….
Me in open mouthed shock: O.o… What the?! *Facepalm* Where the hell did you come up with that?! You’re the one who wants to send them back to schools where not only do they have to deal with active shooter drills but now Covid19 as well… And I hate children?

So the only thing I can call it is stupid. Or another thing I hear is: I don’t want to be told what to do! So freaking what?! Are you freaking 12?! Do it without being told you mouthbreathing-
*Breathe girl…. breathe… not worth it… take a deep breath in… count to 3 and exhale slowly.. calm yourself… enhance your calm… * Anyway… Stupid!

Okay, so back on topic. I was nervous about returning to work, but I found a place that seemed intelligent and safe and I was excited. The work is easy enough, checking guests in at a hotel where the lobby is closed and it’s all done in the night check in so there’s very little human contact. Woot! In my downtime, I can use my laptop or play on my phone… so color or whatever. It’s great! I love it!

Right up until Wednesday.

My boss calls and asks me if I want to come in for more training. Sure… why not? So I show up and I work an entire shift with him. He says: you’re coughing a lot. Do you have the covid? ME: No, I’ve got asthma and allergies.
At the end of the night, as I’m getting ready to go…

I ask: Who do I work with tomorrow night?
Him: Well, that depends on Jace’s father.
Me: Oh no, I hope he’s okay.
Him: Yes in the hospital. He is sick, same sick as you.
Me: uhm, I’m not sick…
Relief clerk: Jace’s dad is in the hospital, they think it’s covid.
Me: O.o Oh my god! When?
Relief: Monday… started complaining Saturday.

Now, I’m really upset. When was my boss going to tell me? He sat on this information since Monday. He knew when he called me in. He noticed that I’m coughing a lot… makes a joke about me having covid. He knows I take care of my 72 year old mom, and I’ve been exposed to covid and now so has she and my 77 yr old aunt that came over for mom’s birthday. (the only person allowed in my house) I’m furious but I get in my car and drive home almost in tears. How do I tell my family this?! We’ve been so very careful.

So Thursday… I go to work and I ask… do they have the dad’s results?
No, nothing yet… I work the entire shift and when the relief comes in
I ask: How is Jace’s dad?
Relief: Oh, he’s positive. The rest of the family is being tested. Jace won’t be in for a while.
Boss: Oh yes, yes… I hear an hour ago.
Me: O.o When were you going to tell me?!!! Do I need to get tested? I worked with Jace 32 hrs last week.
Boss: Maybe? *shrugs* Me, no.. if it is my time, it is my time… I work.
Me: Glares at him…

Friday I am coughing so much that my throat hurts. I called the governors office to give him a piece of my mind. They said they are contacting the department of health. I decide to go get tested.

I am now considered a presumptive positive case for Covid19. After only 6 days of work!

They say I had it in march… no fever… just cough and then struggling to even speak a sentence. I would have to pause to get a breath. They put me on doxycycline hyclate.

I’m on it again. It worked great last time, I hope it does it’s magic again. This time, I have had headaches, I’m super tired and sleepy (lethargic), coughing, sore throat, and stomach issues. No trouble breathing… No fever, but oh my goodness am I sleeping.

Maybe a different strain, maybe my body is fighting it differently.

I asked my boss today: Any news on Jace? Has he tested positive?
Him: No, no result today.

Do I trust him? Hell no.

~Frustrated Kaw.


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