On the Quarantine front…

Hey guys!

So, I had to get tested for Covid19 and so did my mother. We both tested negative, but I’m on meds for it because despite the negative, I am symptomatic. The meds are working! They said I had to quarantine for 2 weeks from the last time I worked with the kid. Well, that was up last week. 🙂

On Tuesday the 4th, I got my pulse oximeter. I wanted to get one because I knew I was still having some issues with breathing and I’m a new asthmatic. I don’t know the warning signs of an impending attack so I figured it would help. Turns out I’m right, I’m having issues.

I was running around 96% in blood oxygen and my heart was running in the 100’s even at rest. I was dropping into 95%, the doctor said 94 was bad and 92 was Emergency room time. This was after being on the antibiotics for 4 days.

I get notice that the kid at work tested positive. Now I’m under quarantine until the 11th because they said it is supposed to be 2 weeks from when I showed symptoms. Which was Tuesday the 28th. Meanwhile I thought I was in the clear to go out. Turns out… No. Even with the negative test.

Wednesday the 5th: I told my doctor that I’ve been getting winded easily and still coughing from March. I knew I wasn’t recovered, but had no proof. Now, thanks to the oximeter, I do.

I’m told her what my findings were and the readings from the Tuesday. She wants me to retest. I don’t want to. What good would it do? I would have to wait (in quarantine) for the results again… (another 7-10 days of missing work and no income). I’ve been quarantined for 2 weeks already. I’ve been on the antibiotics for almost 10 days at this point, I’m not dead. No one in my house is sick. Mom tested negative. I don’t go in places, I call my food in and have them put it in my car. I’ll continue to do that even after I’m free to go. I will be working alone, now that I’m trained. No infecting anyone there… I need a paycheck.

My doctor doesn’t like my decision but since she wants it done, I’m free to change my mind and come to the parking lot during the morning at any time if I choose to. If I’m still symptomatic.

So if my government officials will get their heads out of their behinds and I can get the unemployment for the weeks I’m in quarantine I’ll do it. In the meantime, the doctor told me I’m using my inhaler wrong and corrected me on that. Now, she wants me to get several tests done.

1) Pulmonary function test to confirm and officially diagnose asthma.
Benefits: Better meds to control it.
2) Chest X-rays to determine if there’s scarring or permanent lung/heart damage. Depending on if there is and when the damage occurred (new vs old vs consistent damage over time) we can determine what caused the damage. If it’s from March then it confirms I had Covid.
Benefits: Possibly able to draw disability.
Possible lawsuit: If it’s older like the last year, it is probably from exposure to Black Mold because they KNEW they had it and did nothing.
3) Blood work for Covid19 antibodies and vitamin D levels.
Benefits: Since I’ve had it 2 times now, my antibodies should be helpful to peoples?
I have answers to what’s going on.
4) I can’t remember… oh yeah! Allergy tests to find out what’s causing problems.
5) might be another test that I’m forgetting…

Thursday 6th: blood oxygen now up to 97 and 98% and my pulse has gotten back to normal ranges. Could be from the inhaler being used correctly, could be I’m getting over my respiratory infection.

At this time… everything seems to be holding steady. I’m doing the inhaler right. I’m still coughing but oxygen levels are staying up. This is good! Meds run out monday….

Quarantine ends Tuesday.
Quarantine sucks and I didn’t get to go grocery shopping or get supplies before I got the quarantined. So I’m looking forward to calling in my stuff and picking it up on Tuesday.

Goodnight for now… stay safe, wear a mask… even at work, even if it’s just you and one other person…


PS. If I’m being an idiot… feel free to let me know.


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