Covid update!

I’ve had to have a second test to be able to go back to work, after the 10 days of meds… I am officially negative for a second time! Yay! I will hopefully be returning to work Monday.

I want to say, the throat swab test was rough… but the nose swab was worse. Holy jumping crickets! I think that woman was drilling for oil or roto-rootering my brain! I don’t wanna do that again. I was also tested for antibodies… sadly it doesn’t look like I’ve got them. Which is disappointing, I was hoping to donate some good plasma and help some folks out.

I got myself a cool mist humidifier and 2 air purifiers… my allergies seem to be under control. I am so glad for that.

I still have a few tests to undergo but it’s a relief that I am negative. Wear a mask… protect those around you. You never know who is at risk… be kind to each other… regardless of your feelings on masks, covid, politics, nationality.


13 thoughts on “Covid update!”

      1. I am in the US. We are far from perfect, but some of us can admit it and hope to make things better by shining a light on our issues and educating people to what others experience every day. I hope that they will add their voices to those calling for change.


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