I’m still alive.

Hello everyone,

I’m still hanging in there. I’ve adopted a rescue kitten, she’s so super cute! She is 5 weeks old and weighs around a pound. She had a neck injury, but it’s healing up nicely. She’s learning to play and my older cat has adopted a mother attitude towards her. I’m calling her Calypso or Jazmin… I’m leaning toward both…

I will be posting pictures. I’ve also discovered that once I do become a grandma, I will be an insufferable bore about the whole thing. There will be oodles of pictures and videos and I’ve decided I’m going to teach the child about skittles and in my head they won’t be able to say skittles or they will call them “kittles”

My son says I’m already grounded from my potential grandkids. O.o

We’ll just see how long that lasts.

I’ve got a planner, hopefully I will be budgeting my time a little better and schedule time to make blog posts. I’m trying to get back into my writing. I’ve finished the rewriting of my book and now I’m editing mistakes and the like. I hope to re-release the book and get more written and stay on top of things.

I hope to get to the point that I will be able to supplement my income with my writing. I want to make this a reality instead of a pipe dream.

I hope y’all are doing well.

I have a mess of posts to write about dealing with the Covid situation and our political climate as I get time. I’m also making some personal realizations and making a big change in my spirituality.

I think all in all, these changes are positive and I’m getting back to a good place. I think… it’s kind of 3 steps forward and 6 back, then 2 steps forward then 1 back or 6 forward and staggered back 2.

Mental health seems to be a little bit like being drunk and trying to walk home… after an ice storm. lol


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