Pandemic thoughts over the past year.

I started work in July of last year, scared to death I would get Covid again or worse bring it home to my mother. I saw all these idiots saying:

“It only kills old people… they should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the younger generations, America and for the economy.”

To which I replied angrily: “I’m not sacrificing my life for your tidepod eating, toilet seat licking, tiktok-ing, self absorbed, selfie taking, entitled little brats. If this is our future we are doomed and maybe we should be wiped out. And also, the economy is NOT America, it is not the economy that makes America great.

It’s the people! Those who banded together to make masks for others and for reservations, it’s the people that made sandwiches and sat on the side of the road feeding truckers when restaurants were closed. It’s the healthcare workers putting their lives and mental health on the line to keep people alive. It’s the way Americans pull together in a tragedy/war and support each other.

America’s economy will recover, and we will be just fine. We just have to tighten our belts and get through this.”

To which America said: Yeah… no. We won’t wear masks, it’s a hoax and we won’t get vaccines.

And as ya’ll know, that worked out well for us. *insert sarcasm here*

In my state, only 35% are vaccinated. Delta variant is running wild and they never officially shut down. The mask mandate didn’t go into effect until July of last year. I was working only a week before I was exposed to covid at work by a coworker who was training me. I was quarantined.

In September or October, I was still having breathing issues from whatever I had in March. (they said not covid at the time because the high fever was missing). I couldn’t finish a sentence without having to take a breath, I can not sing even now. I don’t have the breath for it.

No one was listening, so I bought an oximeter… with proof of low O2 levels I went back to my doctor. I am now on an inhaler and singulair (asthma medication) and things have improved. The pulmonary function test is good news… it appears with proper treatment I can keep improving and that no permanent damage is done. Or if it is… it is manageable.

Define “manageable” can I sing albeit as badly as I used to? *shrug* Not yet, but…. here’s hoping that I can once more pollute the airwaves with my song once again in the near future. 🙂



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