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Thankful November 20th

Today (and every other day as well) I'm thankful for My mother-in-law (Elaine) and father-in-law (Bernie). I know it can't be easy to talk to me with hubby being gone, I know it must remind them of their loss because it's not him calling them. Yet every time I talk to them, they are supportive,… Continue reading Thankful November 20th

Things that happen at my house

Thankful November 19th

Today, I'm thankful for a clean kitchen and house(ish). Again, weird thing to be thankful for... I started this post and never completed it, now I've got no idea why I was thankful for it... maybe because I was able to relax and not have to do a bunch after work? Puzzled ~Kaw...

Things that happen at my house

Thankful Nov 30th

I've been sick so I've missed a few days but I plan on going back and picking them up. So today, I'm thankful for good people at the bank. I'm thankful that I got paid. Why am I thankful for my bank? Well, because my paycheck was auto-deposited today and so was my electric bill,… Continue reading Thankful Nov 30th

Things that happen at my house

Thankful November 18th

It's Saturday. I was awakened with the grim news that, no... our checks once again have not shown up. Kinda hard way to start the day and find something to be thankful for, especially when the news sparks anĀ argument between household members. People wanting something done when there's nothing that can be done and thenĀ getting… Continue reading Thankful November 18th

Things that happen at my house

Thankful November 17

We had a couple of things to be thankful for today. My head was killing me, (caffeine withdrawal) after not getting paid it was hard to be enthusiastic about going to work. Our classmate who'd been in the accident was there! We were glad to see him, glad that he was okay and that witnesses… Continue reading Thankful November 17

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Panic Attack…

Soo, I've never had a full blown Anxiety/Panic attack until this afternoon. I suddenly couldn't breathe, my chest was tight, I couldn't swallow, the room got dark around the edges. I felt cold and flushed and hot and tingly, my hands were shaking... it freaking HURT. I didn't want my son or anyone else to… Continue reading Panic Attack…

authors, Things that happen at my house

Well…. the struggle continues.

I filled my happy pill prescription, took my first one last night. And less than 30 minutes after that, my doorbell rang. Someone asked if I had a black and white cat.... my son put him outside because the little female we have is in heat and they were crying at each other through closed… Continue reading Well…. the struggle continues.