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A positive(ish) update

Well, we made it up to Maryland for the funeral. The funeral was heartbreaking and yet humorous. The only consolation with this thing and China, was the box he came home in was pretty. My father in law and mother in law set up the church. Hubby's brother gave an emotional eulogy, it was funny and… Continue reading A positive(ish) update

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This is absolutely horrible, unacceptable.

I am so pissed right now. No death certificate, the cremation wasn't complete. I am horrified and sick to my stomach. No police report... This is f**king awful, I can't sprinkle ashes anywhere! The consulate better call me, I'm about to cause an international incident. Jesus Lord... God help me... I can't handle this!  

authors, Things that happen at my house

Another Update:

Hubby's belongings have arrived. It wasn't as horrible as I imagined, (Thank you all for praying for that.)  his laundry was sealed in little plastic bags from the hotel. He'd told me that did that for him. That part was more like unpacking new clothes, didn't feel personal. There are personal items missing, his passport,… Continue reading Another Update:

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Thank you…

I want to take a moment and say: Thank you all so much for the support. I cannot believe people are so giving to someone they've never met. You're all an amazing group of people. I cannot express my gratitude or appreciation. All the prayers, kind words, support and the donations. Words fail me right… Continue reading Thank you…

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Finally! Some progress…

So hubby's things are shipped albeit short a few things that I am unhappy about. They threw his toiletries out and that upsets me a lot. There are personal grooming items that are missing, I've addressed these things and will document them missing when I open the box of his belongings. They say that hubby… Continue reading Finally! Some progress…

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July 7th: My anniversary

Well, today was my anniversary. Three weeks after passing away and my husband's remains are STILL in China. With no idea of a cremation date. At a time, when I should be starting to pick up my pieces, I'm still waiting for him to come home. Still waiting to plan a funeral, to get some… Continue reading July 7th: My anniversary

Things that happen at my house

An update on my husband: My inlaws

This was written at different times over the past 2 weeks. So it might be a little disjointed as it is a bit of random rants, thoughts, and feelings. Well, it's apparently been a week since my husband passed. It is largely a blur of fog with moments that stuck with me. I honestly barely remember… Continue reading An update on my husband: My inlaws

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What happened

Midnight Thursday, Some people I worked with came to the door to deliver the worst news of my life (aside from losing my dad). The cab came to pick up hubby to bring him to the airport to come home, but no one came down. The cabby called the company and they sent someone over… Continue reading What happened

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I’m totally stunned and wrecked…

I won't be posting, but I have blog posts scheduled for the end of the month I think. I can't believe it... my husband is gone. He passed away overseas. I don't know what to do with myself from one minute to the next. I'm in shock, I'm angry, I'm sad, I hurt so much.… Continue reading I’m totally stunned and wrecked…