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Thankful November: November 8th Special Friends.

Today, I'm thankful my friends. This past year has been hard, it's been made easier by some very special friends. People who've let me cry on them, driven me places, helped me financially, or with emotional support, or by simply keeping me busy and focused on other things. There will be quite a few over… Continue reading Thankful November: November 8th Special Friends.

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After trying Grammarly Premium..

Hello ya'll, I like the free version of Grammarly, but after trying the premium I really want it too. Not working makes that impossible, but I tried it, and I really like it, and I want to keep it. I was given some free trial time, but with everything going on I haven't gotten a… Continue reading After trying Grammarly Premium..

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Pulse Shooting in Orlando: Gofund me for families This post is positive... (of sorts) I want to take a moment to focus on the families, the responders, the community. I will not address the hate behind this act right now, I will do that in another personal rant post. Prayers and positive thoughts and energy for these families and responders, for the people who… Continue reading Pulse Shooting in Orlando: Gofund me for families


Home again! And greeted by my favorite thing…

I love thunderstorms and right now mother nature is welcoming me home with an amazing display of lightening and thunder. It was hot and humid today here only in the 70's but I was sweating... weird when it was in the 100's in AZ and wearing jeans and a tshirt comfortably. The flight was bumpy… Continue reading Home again! And greeted by my favorite thing…


Celebrate your weird. :D I do!

My normal ship sailed a long time and was promptly attacked by pirates. The attack was repelled and my ship struck out into completely unfamiliar waters but discovered some awesome treasures along the way. My ship ran into other weird ships out of the vast oceans of no man's land and now we sail together… Continue reading Celebrate your weird. 😀 I do!