Pen Names—Necessary Evil or Ticket to Crazyville?

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Today we are going to talk about a somewhat touchy subject. The pen name. Before anyone gets in a fluff, understand two things. First, I’m on your side. Secondly, this is only a decision you can make. My goal here is to make sure you guys are making educated business decisions. Thus, I won’t stop anyone from having a pen name, but about 95% of the time? It’s unnecessary.

In my opinion? Pen names are more hassle than they are worth and they’re a fast way to land in Crazyville. Pen names used to offer benefits, but most of those benefits have evaporated because the world is digital and connected. In fact, pen names can actually hurt book sales and stall a platform and brand.

Let’s look at some of the advantages pen names used to offer that no longer exist.


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I need some help here:

I'm still new to blogging and linking this to that and blah blah's but I've spent a lot of time building other media platforms and they aren't connected yet. Here's where ya'll come in: How do I make my wordpress blog entries show up on linkedin, my amazon author page, pintrest and what not? I… Continue reading I need some help here:


Excerpt from Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2 #amwriting

“I thought you’d take me to one of your shelters.”  Robert was fixing his own plate when Stephen spoke again. Robert looked up; there was a note of censure in Stephen’s voice. He took in the paleness and the sweat beading on Stephen’s face; the kid was hurting bad. “Sit down before you fall down.”… Continue reading Excerpt from Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2 #amwriting


Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2

An excerpt: “I’m not in the mood to argue with you. I’m tired and I’ve got too much shit going on with Peanut as it is.” Robert got out of the car and walked around to Stephen’s door. “Get the hell out of the car Stephen or I’ll haul your ass in over my shoulder… Continue reading Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2


Excerpt from Alleys 2:

“I’ll head back out before close up.” Don tossed over his shoulder while heading for the group of men who routinely played poker with Peanut. There was a chorus of ‘Hey Dons’ as he approached. “Hey guys; what are we playing for tonight?” “Cigarettes; didn’t make much today on account o’ the rain. Jody’s cleaning… Continue reading Excerpt from Alleys 2:


Excerpt from: Alleys and Broken Dreams 2

10 am Peanut sprinted down the alley sloshing through the puddles and throwing up sprays of water as he went. Behind him thick, black smoke and flames rose into the sky and in the distance sirens screamed. The alleys picked up and echoed their wails making it sound like the world was ending. He looked… Continue reading Excerpt from: Alleys and Broken Dreams 2


Three NEVERS of Social Media for Writers

Good advice delivered with a slice of humor.

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These three professional blunders can hang on like the smell of dead fish and stink up our author career, so avoid them at all cost. I understand that many of you who follow this blog are new, so if you’ve made one of these mistakes, you’re learning. We all oops (especially in the beginning), so don’t sweat it. Yet, I see these three behaviors far more often than I’d like.

You’ve been warned ;).

NEVER Be Nasty in a Blog Comment

I am fully aware that my blog can’t make everyone happy. I work my tail off to entertain and enlighten but I know I can’t be all things to all people. If I’m not your cup of tea? Just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail WordPress sends you or e-mail me and I will happily assist you leaving (and cry later *sniffles*).

There is no need for…

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ADD this morning….

 I was cleaning in the kitchen... decided the towel I was using to dry dishes was done and went into the linen closet in my bathroom to get another one. While I was there I cleaned the bathroom,  and headed back to the kitchen but then spotted the clothes waiting to be folded at the end… Continue reading ADD this morning….