Manuscript Submission Watch Day 11:

Manuscript Submission Watch Day 11: Still no news... I check the mail and my email everyday. I'm telling myself that each day that passes means 1 day further from a no...  stomach is in knots. 


Excerpt from Alleys and Broken Dreams 2:

EXCERPT from ALLEYS 2: Robert awoke to his cell phone vibrating itself across the nightstand. The incessant rumble of it had wormed itself into his dream. He was going to have to remember to turn the thing off so he could get a decent night’s sleep! But of course he couldn’t do that, not right now with so… Continue reading Excerpt from Alleys and Broken Dreams 2:

Alleys and Broken Dreams:, Excerpts

Excerpt from Alleys 2:

“There are a couple of girls at the theater.” He admitted. “They’ve talked about coming out to their parents but are afraid to. They saw what happened to me and probably won’t risk it for a while.”“But if they knew there was a place to go?” While Stephen appeared to be thinking about his answer… Continue reading Excerpt from Alleys 2:


It’s official… I submitted my first manuscript…

I'm sooo nervous! I've got several books written to completion, but never could work up the nerve to submit them for publication. I'm afraid of rejection I guess. I've been in a dance troupe for years and performed onstage with them. (where people could throw tomatoes at us)  THAT was less stressful than sending in… Continue reading It’s official… I submitted my first manuscript…


Daily Prompt: Winner!

http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/prompt-winner/I've given this a lot of thought. If I ever won the lottery this is how I'd go about my day and life after. How I'd spend the money. After I picked myself up off the floor, pulled all the blinds and locked the doors I'd worry about what tragedy would befall me before I could… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Winner!


I wish I could….

Some days... you just get so fed up with people taking advantage of you that you just want to cry or throw things. Or both... and some days you just want to quit.... today is one of those days. I wish I could... For Christmas me and hubby got a phone call from the owner of the… Continue reading I wish I could….