I didn't come up with this, but it made me chuckle so I am sharing it. 🙂


A heartfelt and illuminating discussion about grief.

This post could've been written by me, it just says everything I want to say. I am still a Grief Zombie at times.. it's been almost 2 years. It's hard to even fathom that. I subsist on work and losing myself in stupid mind-numbing games. I no longer do the things that brought me joy. I… Continue reading A heartfelt and illuminating discussion about grief.


Hmmm Look out guys! To all my writer friends... This is a dirty, dirty trick by someone I had wanted to publish with some day. Penguin Random House has bought Underlined... Underlined would be subject to their terms and conditions. I have speculated that the traditional publishing houses are deliberately sabotaging e-authors and e-books by pirating them through… Continue reading Hmmm Look out guys!

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Thankful November 20th

Today (and every other day as well) I'm thankful for My mother-in-law (Elaine) and father-in-law (Bernie). I know it can't be easy to talk to me with hubby being gone, I know it must remind them of their loss because it's not him calling them. Yet every time I talk to them, they are supportive,… Continue reading Thankful November 20th

Things that happen at my house

Thankful Nov 30th

I've been sick so I've missed a few days but I plan on going back and picking them up. So today, I'm thankful for good people at the bank. I'm thankful that I got paid. Why am I thankful for my bank? Well, because my paycheck was auto-deposited today and so was my electric bill,… Continue reading Thankful Nov 30th