I’m still here :)

I organized my room and gave myself a sanctuary, I've kept myself busy and I'm doing okay. I get sad and cry now and then but it passes and I'm okay again. I re-arranged my bedroom, I have a little nightstand that I put books in and a little radio. Doing some thinking about the… Continue reading I’m still here 🙂


I’m struggling again.

So, I'm not going to lie... The past two and a half years have been rough. Really really tough and I needed help so I took the doctor's advice and took medications for anxiety and for depression for a year and a half. I weaned myself off of it in January or February this year.… Continue reading I’m struggling again.

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Wow! My aunt etched this picture…

So, my aunt has one of those laser etchers and I've been telling people at work about it. One of my supervisors had some pictures of her horses and I gave one to my aunt to see if she could do it and how it might turn out. It turned out sooo pretty. This is etched… Continue reading Wow! My aunt etched this picture…


The Cursed Weaver

The approach of shuffling footsteps and the soft scraping of heavy fabric heralded the arrival of Miranda Shaw, a master weaver of fate. Fellow spinners left their handiwork hanging in corners and doorways, as if for her approval. She acknowledged the spider's work then harvested their silken threads with a nod of her head. She… Continue reading The Cursed Weaver


Ever write something so good you wonder if you really wrote it? Here’s mine…

Okay, so I found this in my author folder and I googled to see if I wrote it or copied it for a story idea later. Nothing turned up. I checked the properties and it looks like I created and wrote it. I don't know if it will show that I just copied it from… Continue reading Ever write something so good you wonder if you really wrote it? Here’s mine…

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Is that an excerpt? Yes, it is!

“Nice to see you again, Esme.” Turi stood as Miriam showed Esme into his office. She was a voluptuous Chronotech woman who was as beautiful as she was smart. Looking at her now, it was staggering to think that her augmentation had been made on her brain because it hadn’t been able to keep up… Continue reading Is that an excerpt? Yes, it is!