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Aha!!!! One story rejected another accepted and LIVE for review!!

Please read and give kudos if you like it! Kudos are at the top under the title... if you liked the story please give a Kudo and share and whatnot. I love my little monkey faced banner! Thank you and be sure to tune in for the podcast for the live reading by voice… Continue reading Aha!!!! One story rejected another accepted and LIVE for review!!


First day back in the warehouse:

As far as getting back into the warehouse and the humidity and all that.... it was a good day. Nice cool humidity free day, nice breeze... It made the work easier to transition into instead of a hot sticky mess that was hard to work in. We even saw some deer in the back lot,… Continue reading First day back in the warehouse:

Our trip to Arizona

4 hours until the end of my last work day in Az!

Going home tomorrow! Sooo excited! Got up at 5 am to pack last minute stuff.. clean up and load the car. I had to throw away some things and give away others. Dropped my stupid shampoo and broke the lid (of course) and had to re-bottle it for the trip home. Tonight in the hotel… Continue reading 4 hours until the end of my last work day in Az!

Our trip to Arizona

Two more days… Going home!

I'm so excited to finally be going home. Arizona is beautiful and there's lots of stuff to do here and great to explore... but I am soooo ready to be back in my own home, my own bed... and then start packing and prepping for the move. Yesterday we went exploring... I took pictures of… Continue reading Two more days… Going home!

Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

Going Home…. ….. soonish….

That's right Arizona with yer hot dry self I'm OUTTA here! I'm leaving! Wednesday bright and early... I'm on a friggin' plane headed home(ish). I can't wait. I like the people I met, the work was nice... complicated and confusing at times and then shifted into dirty parts work that I didn't like at all..… Continue reading Going Home…. ….. soonish….

Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

Arizona… changes.. blech.

So we've been in Arizona a full week now and away from home almost 2 weeks. I miss my house, I miss my son and I miss my timezone. I'm kind of isolated right now because it's 3 hrs later for all my friends and my author support groups.  I can't post or chat with… Continue reading Arizona… changes.. blech.

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What a nice surprise!!!

Ups was just at my door delivering something. I had forgotten that a few months ago Roc/Ace publishing wanted people to sign up for pre-screening upcoming books and I'd applied for it. Bad news is, I didn't get in on that part of it, but I did get 2 free paperback books for it. :D… Continue reading What a nice surprise!!!

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EEEEK!!! I’m interviewed for the first time

Interview: Oh geez! Here comes the nerves! I hope I showed enough personality... ooh I hope I didn't forget anything. It was a surprise to be asked. I don't consider myself a "real author" yet. Let's think about that for a second. What makes a "real author"? Did I write a book? Yes.. yes… Continue reading EEEEK!!! I’m interviewed for the first time


Manuscript Submission Watch: Day 18

Still no news.... I am both hopeful and worried now. Hopeful that something will be in there, and yet worried it will be a rejection. Torn between anticipation and dread of an answer.I'm thinking maybe it was optimistic to think there'd be an answer.  Maybe I should stop checking everyday and start checking every other… Continue reading Manuscript Submission Watch: Day 18


Manuscript submission watch day 14:

Still nothing... Maybe I am expecting too much too soon. Having never done this before, I'd think that maybe 2 weeks would be long enough for someone to skim the query letter and description and say: Eh... not interested. On the other hand.... maybe they HAVE read the query and the description and moved on to… Continue reading Manuscript submission watch day 14: