Our trip to Arizona

4 hours until the end of my last work day in Az!

Going home tomorrow! Sooo excited! Got up at 5 am to pack last minute stuff.. clean up and load the car. I had to throw away some things and give away others. Dropped my stupid shampoo and broke the lid (of course) and had to re-bottle it for the trip home. Tonight in the hotel… Continue reading 4 hours until the end of my last work day in Az!

Our trip to Arizona

Two more days… Going home!

I'm so excited to finally be going home. Arizona is beautiful and there's lots of stuff to do here and great to explore... but I am soooo ready to be back in my own home, my own bed... and then start packing and prepping for the move. Yesterday we went exploring... I took pictures of… Continue reading Two more days… Going home!

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Going Home…. ….. soonish….

That's right Arizona with yer hot dry self I'm OUTTA here! I'm leaving! Wednesday bright and early... I'm on a friggin' plane headed home(ish). I can't wait. I like the people I met, the work was nice... complicated and confusing at times and then shifted into dirty parts work that I didn't like at all..… Continue reading Going Home…. ….. soonish….

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Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "State of Your¬†Year." I'm a little late in responding to this Daily Post Prompt... but better late than never. So here goes: This year has not been kind to me and I started out so grateful that last year was over. I was optimistic and full of… Continue reading Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

Our trip to Arizona

Dear Gall Bladder…. (and Arizona)

You suck! I hate you and it turns out I really don't need you. This means that you are expendable.... ¬†Settle down and stop being a B*tch or I'll have to taken out and thrown into a lake on the end of a friggin hook as catfish bait! Thanks to you I have to give… Continue reading Dear Gall Bladder…. (and Arizona)

Our trip to Arizona, Randomness

We found the children….

The children are on the outskirts of town... in a town called (of all things) Surprise! We found a Denny's and went in to get lunch(ish) and lo and behold someone came in with 3 boys and like 6 adults. Within minutes the quiet was shattered and there were cries of Mommy... mom.... mommy! I… Continue reading We found the children….

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No young people in Arizona!

We've been here almost 3 weeks and I realized yesterday I have seen no children. It's like if aliens visited this part of the world and based their opinions on us a species they'd think we were dying off. I've been to many stores and walked around grocery stores and what not and I have… Continue reading No young people in Arizona!