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Interesting article on grammar mistakes..

Whew! After reading this article I feel much better! I was convinced that something was wrong with me. That I had developed dyslexia or something. I've typed entire words backwards, and not just simple words either. I'll type one word and look up and it's not at all what I wanted to type; I worried… Continue reading Interesting article on grammar mistakes..

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Copywrite infringement and Credit Card Phishing site:…- These links go back to one site, and they ask for credit card information.. they are offering free downloads for  a membership fee. I found my books there, I found my mother's books there. I've contacted Amazon to let them know as well. Please do NOT buy from these sites... IF… Continue reading Copywrite infringement and Credit Card Phishing site:

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Daily Prompt: Safety First

Daily Prompt: Safety FirstThe truth of the matter is I never really feel safe. Not because of terrorism, or global disasters or any doomsday scenarios, nope, it's ya'll. The everyday run of the mill normal quiet neighbor next door type, the one you happen to pass in the mall, or cut off while merging. The first… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Safety First