The Virus

The Virus: We are doing okay… :)

Hey WordPress family, How are you doing during this harrowing virus pandemic? You've been on my mind, I've wondered how you're doing. Weirdly I'm not panicked... worried a little but not having anxiety attacks. So, are you okay? Drop me a reply and let me know? So far, we're doing okay. Mom is diabetic and… Continue reading The Virus: We are doing okay… 🙂

Things that happen at my house

An update on my husband: My inlaws

This was written at different times over the past 2 weeks. So it might be a little disjointed as it is a bit of random rants, thoughts, and feelings. Well, it's apparently been a week since my husband passed. It is largely a blur of fog with moments that stuck with me. I honestly barely remember… Continue reading An update on my husband: My inlaws

Randomness, Things that happen at my house

What happened

Midnight Thursday, Some people I worked with came to the door to deliver the worst news of my life (aside from losing my dad). The cab came to pick up hubby to bring him to the airport to come home, but no one came down. The cabby called the company and they sent someone over… Continue reading What happened

Daily Prompts

Unexpected losses… In my case, when I lost my father, I blocked out huge parts of that day. It's been almost 20 yrs... still one of the worst things I've ever had to deal with. I cried so much that tears felt like battery acid on my skin, I alternated between anger and sadness. I learned that… Continue reading Unexpected losses…