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Dang it! I am not okay…

This is a long post... I am sorry, but I just have to tell someone. I need to put these words out there, or I'll lose it. Maybe I already have.... maybe I've snapped? I dunno. I'm cold and shaking as I'm typing this now. I've been this way for over 3 hrs. I want… Continue reading Dang it! I am not okay…

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Another update: leg and etc.

Soooo went to the doctor Friday. She was mean and manhandled my leg, dug her big ole man hands into the "abnormality" on my leg. I wanted to hit her, and yelped: "No one has touched it before!" ¬†She straight up gave me a blank look and said: "Someone should've by now..." Yes.... I suppose,… Continue reading Another update: leg and etc.