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Very good article about “Filter Words”.

Hmm... I didn't know these were even a thing, but after reading the article I get it. Bad author! *smacks hands* BAD Author! Now... don't do it again... if you're good I'll give you a cookie. 😀 Yes I like cookies and they are my scoobie snacks for writing. Since I'm editing, this came along… Continue reading Very good article about “Filter Words”.

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I live with this face.

I think my face is permanently stuck this way. Editing is necessary I know and it makes work better but it's getting the words just right that makes my brain want to go nuclear. But then there is the moment when everything clicks and the words come out in a miraculous flow that erases all… Continue reading I live with this face.

Alleys and Broken Dreams:

Progress Report: Chapter 6… praise to a worthy opponent.

Dear Chapter 6, You were a worthy adversary; you fought bravely but in the end: I conquered you. A twelve hour battle of wits and wordplay, stubborn determination and lots and lots of rearranging. In the end, we have both emerged from this missive battle better for the experience. You threw missing words at me,… Continue reading Progress Report: Chapter 6… praise to a worthy opponent.