Rejection letters

Rejection… *sigh*

After nearly 60 days and reading my full manuscript. I R rejected... My face now. ­čśŽ Reads like a form rejection but it says they read the full manuscript... not sure. Wish there was more feedback. FULL EMAIL: Dear Kawanee Hamilton, Thank you for submitting Nwa Pante Rising to Carina Press, and for your patience… Continue reading Rejection… *sigh*


Manuscript Submission Watch: Day 18

Still no news.... I am both hopeful and worried now. Hopeful that something will be in there, and yet worried it will be a rejection. Torn between anticipation and dread of an answer.I'm thinking maybe it was optimistic to think there'd be an answer. ┬áMaybe I should stop checking everyday and start checking every other… Continue reading Manuscript Submission Watch: Day 18