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Oops! Part 2 of Valentine’s Day to myself. :)

Okay, So part two of my V-day. After I got home, I slept in. I mean like really really slept in. I think it was after 1 pm when I crawled out of bed. Some details are foggy, on why I had to go out... I think.. oh yeah! I had to go to the… Continue reading Oops! Part 2 of Valentine’s Day to myself. ­čÖé

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Dang it! I am not okay…

This is a long post... I am sorry, but I just have to tell someone. I need to put these words out there, or I'll lose it. Maybe I already have.... maybe I've snapped? I dunno. I'm cold and shaking as I'm typing this now. I've been this way for over 3 hrs. I want… Continue reading Dang it! I am not okay…

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I miss you all and miss writing and posting on here, but I'm super busy right now. I'm happy most of the time, my bills are paid and I've managed to put a little aside for fun and a rainy day. Things are... becoming more manageable and a new "normal" is starting to form. I… Continue reading “Normalizing”

authors, Things that happen at my house

Well…. the struggle continues.

I filled my happy pill prescription, took my first one last night. And less than 30 minutes after that, my doorbell rang. Someone asked if I had a black and white cat.... my son put him outside because the little female we have is in heat and they were crying at each other through closed… Continue reading Well…. the struggle continues.

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Another update: leg and etc.

Soooo went to the doctor Friday. She was mean and manhandled my leg, dug her big ole man hands into the "abnormality" on my leg. I wanted to hit her, and yelped: "No one has touched it before!" ┬áShe straight up gave me a blank look and said: "Someone should've by now..." Yes.... I suppose,… Continue reading Another update: leg and etc.

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I took a long weekend…

I've been working a lot of overtime lately, was so stressed out that I cried at every little thing. I knew when I woke up from my nap Saturday┬áthat I couldn't go to work on Sunday. My chest hurt, I was miserable, felt sweaty and my heart was beating fast, I went up to work… Continue reading I took a long weekend…