The Enclave Series

Excerpt from Nwa Pante Rising. :)

Shiloh snaked her hand out from her blanket cocoon to slap the blaring alarm into silence. It was cold out there. She peeled one eye open from to peer out from beneath a pillow that had somehow worked its way onto her head. Through a veil of thin straggly hair, she could make out the… Continue reading Excerpt from Nwa Pante Rising. 🙂

Nwa Pante Rising

Prepping for an official book launch!

Hello Followers! I've just ordered a few things to give away for when I officially launch my Paranormal Romance: Nwa Pante Rising on my Facebook page. 😀 I'm putting together some authors to do promos and giveaways as well. I'm shooting for the beginning of August, but I might have to rethink that if I'm… Continue reading Prepping for an official book launch!

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EEEEK!!! I’m interviewed for the first time

Interview: Oh geez! Here comes the nerves! I hope I showed enough personality... ooh I hope I didn't forget anything. It was a surprise to be asked. I don't consider myself a "real author" yet. Let's think about that for a second. What makes a "real author"? Did I write a book? Yes.. yes… Continue reading EEEEK!!! I’m interviewed for the first time


EXCERPT from Alleys and Broken Dreams 2:

“Maybe I’m just a stupid homeless man but I know how hard people have it, and I know the repercussions low paying jobs are having on society even if the “learned” government types choose to ignore it.”  Peanut rambled in a low murmur. “Better paying jobs where a dad can make a living so a… Continue reading EXCERPT from Alleys and Broken Dreams 2:

The Enclave Series

EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising:

EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising: “Ah; finally! We see the human version.” Ron’s eyes moved over her long legs following the curve of her hip up to the swell of her breast. Todd and Glen craned their necks to get a look at her. Ron looked from her over to Todd then back again. “Very… Continue reading EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising: