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I miss you all and miss writing and posting on here, but I'm super busy right now. I'm happy most of the time, my bills are paid and I've managed to put a little aside for fun and a rainy day. Things are... becoming more manageable and a new "normal" is starting to form. I… Continue reading “Normalizing”


Is it raining with you?

I love the rain, it can bring relief from the heat on a summer day, it can be fun to play in and romantic. It can be cold and lonely. Rain brings life to plants and the world around us. It can bring floods and overwhelm the people and land it falls upon. It can… Continue reading Is it raining with you?

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Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember….   This picture posted unexpected on my facebook wall a couple of days ago by a friend of the family is one of and linked to another of my moments to remember, although at the time it was just another birthday party. I'll be honest, it made me supremely happy in one second and… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember….