Carina Press Submission Call for FIVE 2016 Romance Anthologies Carina Press Submission Call for FIVE 2016 Romance Anthologies Too Taboo: A Forbidden Erotic Romance Anthology We’re seeking dark, erotic thrillers and psychological thrillers; stories of adultery and betrayal; characters with unusual sexual kinks; conflicts involving socially unacceptable pairings (teacher/student, prisoner/parole officer, step-siblings); real unredeemable bad boys and bad girls; tales of forced seduction/capture… Continue reading Carina Press Submission Call for FIVE 2016 Romance Anthologies


Daily Prompt Tainted Love (FICTIONAL) is from my book: Rawr or Nwa Pante Rising (It's available on Amazon: )  “I put you up in my home, bought you clothes, taught you what you need to know about being an Nwa Pante; I put my life on the line for you." Turi reminded her. "What part of that is so terrible?”“I didn’t… Continue reading Daily Prompt Tainted Love (FICTIONAL)


Why books are better than boyfriends. this reminds me of when I was younger and got dumped a few days before V-day because he was cheap and didn't want to get me anything. Some friends were sad for me and wanted to set me up with someone else. Why on earth would I want that?? Just to not be alone? Worse… Continue reading Why books are better than boyfriends.

The Enclave Series

EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising:

EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising: “Ah; finally! We see the human version.” Ron’s eyes moved over her long legs following the curve of her hip up to the swell of her breast. Todd and Glen craned their necks to get a look at her. Ron looked from her over to Todd then back again. “Very… Continue reading EXCERPT From Nwa Pante Rising: