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I am a Rock?


I like to think of myself as a Rock,  truth is, I’m probably more like a pebble. I’m persistent… I get kicked around, I roll with it and land somewhere new where I settle in until the next thing happens.  I’ve got both smooth and jagged edges, I’m often deeper than I appear on the surface.

If you ask someone I’m as hard headed as a rock sometimes.. okay most times. And sometimes I’m someone else’s rock.

When it comes to asking for help, I have no problem with that. In my family we did that, helped each other. The problem is sometimes I don’t realize I need help, and sometimes I wait for others to see that I’m struggling and offer to help. Apparently I’m pretty good at looking like A) I know what I’m doing, B) like I’ve got it under control,  C) don’t want help or D) I’ve gotten myself into a situation NO ONE else wants to be a part of. 

I’m disappointed sometimes sure, and I get upset. Whatever happens I weather the storm and have made it through so far and in the end maybe I learn something. Maybe I realize I’m stronger than I think…


Remember I am a rock and hard headed… 

6 thoughts on “I am a Rock?”

  1. Best believe you are not alone! I like a challenge and deadlines so often time ppl look at me as though I may not follow through when truth is I do… I guess that makes me a rock I suppose a stubborn one at that!



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