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Some links to the new jobs I have :)

Lasting Laser Art WordPress page: And where you can buy or share the things we make. Etsy I think that's right... I've tried to include the new writing work I'm doing for Lasting Laser Art. I'm trying to be informative about the process, the products and versatility and even the creative process behind… Continue reading Some links to the new jobs I have 🙂


Hi guys… so much for that new year’s rez huh?

Hi my pressers! Once again, I've let you down and not been posting updates and fun stuff and I'm sorry. 😦 Things have been a bit crazy and the New Year's resolutions are all taking a back seat at the moment. The old job is no more, but I've started a new one. I'm working… Continue reading Hi guys… so much for that new year’s rez huh?

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Now for some good news :)

Hi guys! *waves* Soo, I was getting discouraged about the job hunt. It's hard to find a new job while working full time at the old job and no one was responding to the applications I had put in. Boy, has that changed! I've got three interviews in the next two days and then another… Continue reading Now for some good news 🙂


Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Hi everyone, I'm baaack, sooo here's what happened. I was watering a plant, the soil didn't soak up the water and a bunch of it spilled out from the drain. The plant was on my glass bookcase, the water ran down to the pane and through the little niche where the glass sits instead off… Continue reading Well, that didn’t go as planned.