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Grief and coping with losing hubby

On the hubby front:

The 7th was my 29th wedding anniversary. It didn't hit as hard as the anniversary of losing him did. I think it's because there was happiness associated with it. It's good to remember the fun, the dates, the flowers and etc. I thought about taking myself to dinner and just reflecting on things.  I stayed… Continue reading On the hubby front:


Honoring the Mayor.. — Lasting Laser Art

For those of you who don’t know, LLA is based in Arkansas. We’ve been hit pretty hard by flooding this year, the Arkansas river raged out of its banks and broke through levees hitting record breaking highs. One of the towns hit is Dardenelle. Riverside parks were inundated with water, sandbagging efforts were underway. It […]… Continue reading Honoring the Mayor.. — Lasting Laser Art


An excerpt: Nwa Pante Rising.

Not sure if I posted this before or not, but here it is! You're in the middle of a kidnapping.. enjoy! When he saw the bloody smears standing out against the white camisole and the way Shiloh’s head slammed into the banister, Turi shifted. He didn’t care who saw him; none of them would live… Continue reading An excerpt: Nwa Pante Rising.