Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Fear Factor


I usually cannot understand people who get mad and throw things, who freak out over things… behave irrationally. Until I discovered something that completely drives all rational thought from my very calm, cool and collected brain. That object that jerks me  from my comfortable and ordered world is:


I saw Charlotte’s Web, there was a rat in it… no problem. I’d seen them on TV… never had a problem. That all changed when I saw one alive and in my home. I went into a hysterical fit! Screaming and dancing on a chair like a woman in those cartoons we all used to watch, it was horrible. The terror didn’t seem to fade and I was still freaked out and upset when my parents came home an hour later.

Now I can’t look at them on TV, in pictures, or even animated ones…. well that’s not entirely true. I watched Ratatouille but when they switched from animation to CGI and I was done with it. Ruined the whole movie… hubby’s been trying to get me to overcome this one girly trait but so far 25 yrs and counting… it hasn’t worked. 

Bring on spiders, snakes… slimy things…even mice… but keep those Rats away from me or it’ll get ugly. Someone will get hurt… I’ll climb you like a pole and tapdance on your head… pick you up and use you to beat the rat to death… or I’ll run through you. I actually don’t know what will happen all I know is….

 I’m gone! 

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