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Online Privacy… yes I am entitled to it.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

Having been the victim of a serious stalking when I was a teen with no resolution to it and no support from the police I take my personal information very seriously. There are some things I share and some things I will never share and never appreciate anyone else sharing either.

Family Drama… I do not want to air it on social media period. I’ve unfriended many a person over it and never looked back. If you’ve got beef with me then you tell me in private, you don’t air it and stir up the social media pot and get people picking sides. It’s a quick trip to off my friends list.

Personal Information… I do NOT share my address, or anything that would allow anyone to find me. My facebook may give a state but that’s it. I do not let my phone say where I am or post those things. It’s leftover trauma from the stalker I suppose but I’m paranoid about that sort of thing.

I threatened to sue Best Buy electronics because I got a phone call from someone who had my name and address. He claimed to be checking me out because he thought I’d stolen his wife’s identity… but then said they were divorced now and he hadn’t seen her. Soooo it was really weird and scary and then he started making inappropriate remarks. I asked him how he got this information. He said he bought a computer and the cashier had asked him to verify if he lived at: Blah blah address and what not.

I went up to the store and raised holy hell. You don’t provide the information… you ask THEM to provide it and if it doesn’t match you move to another screen or scroll down until it freaking does! The manager confronted the man who changed his story… but I was livid.

There is a certain amount of information available online from many different sources I’m sure people could find me if they really really wanted to. I turn off my phone apps that identify where I am, I don’t post locations on twitter or facebook or anything else there’s no sense in making it any easier for people…  I’m married to a man that makes me feel safe and protected even with my past experiences. If someone does decide to show up… they won’t like their reception.

Just because I write and want to a semi-public figure and even in the case of well known celebrities doesn’t mean you give up your right to privacy. I hate that the paparazzi and others think they have the right to invade on personal family space for the sake of gossip, scandals, sensationalism and other nonsense. If you see a celebrity it’s one thing to approach them.. but be courteous. Ask if they can spare a minute… if they can’t give them some space. They’ll appreciate it and maybe they’ll show their appreciation by doing something for you.  Maybe not… but maybe.

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