Daily Prompt Dust in the Wind…



There are teachable moments in life, even in the worst of circumstances there is a positive lesson that can be learned. My father died when I was 25, it was sudden and he died at my feet. When the shock of his passing wore off I realized there are so many things we can’t take for granted and so many people as well. 

A few months before he died, we’d started ending phone conversations with: I love you Dad/Mom/Aunt. There weren’t any goodbyes. Mom had insisted she wanted a family portrait done, she hounded us all to try and get a good date for us all to meet up in our fancy dudery. I was all for it, but for some reason we never seemed to get around to it. Mom ended up hanging up a sheet at home and mom, sis (10) and dad all got a picture done in the living room.  None of us knew that he was on borrowed time. We finally managed to throw him a surprise party, another thing mom was insistent on. We’d never been able to pull it off before, he always found out. Not this time! We got him! He was in the process of getting a college education, in fact it was the day of his finals, which he never got to take. 

I tell this story because in the weeks after that he died, I learned not to take people people for granted and I also did a lot of thinking about what I wanted to do before I died. There’s nothing like a sudden death of a loved one to drive the fragility of life and your own mortality. I always make sure I tell my loved ones that I love them, I try to take any opportunity I can to live a live offline. Out in the real world instead of stuck in front of a computer screen. 

1) Aspects of my bucket list is lived out almost every day.  Live my life right now, because I don’t know when my light will blow out. I don’t wait for “one day” because it may never come. If it’s a chance to do something now, I’ll take it. ONGOING

2) I’ve always wanted to sing, but I’m painfully insecure. This summer I sang karaoke with friends and family at the Eagles club. I don’t know how I sounded (although I don’t think I sucked) it wasn’t the point, I faced my fear and sang like no one was watching/listening. I might even do it again if I get the chance. COMPLETED

I encouraged my hubby to take a couple of chances in the music industry… singing. (He’s great, no lie!) He tried out for Star Search and got a call back. Sadly he had to take the feet on the ground practical decision between a sure job or flying out to Las Vegas for a maybe. We’re the practical sort, so he didn’t go. I also encouraged him to take money we didn’t have and try out for Don’t forget the Lyrics in FL. After much cajoling he finally went and was called back the next day, but they ended up passing on him because he wasn’t “Common Man” enough…. whatever that means! Point is he won’t wonder “What if” later. 

Boy, I was good at telling him to take the opportunity when it knocked… but I wasn’t doing it.  

3) On December 31 2013 I decided I’d take a leap into the “Give it a Whirl-pool”. I’d been sitting on several completed books long enough, so I submitted the first one thinking I’d rather get rejected than wonder what if. Yes I got a rejection letter, but I TRIED! And I’ll keep trying. COMPLETED and ONGOING

4) I want to visit a foreign country, I’ve got the places I want to go. I want to go to Japan, see the Berzerk mural wall (if it’s still there) and the Empress’ Gardens, go to Tokyo and Kyoto. I want to go to Scotland and Ireland. I just want to see the country and the castles, No one wants me to kiss the Blarney stone, I did that several times in past lives or something. I talk a lot! I want to go to Great Britain, travel the road to Bath maybe find a Roman coin, ghost hunt in some castles, watch a Shakespeare play in the park. 

5) I want to go to the Diamond park in Arkansas and find a diamond, or at least get a chance to try!

6) There are people on my friends list that I met online, I’d like to meet them before I take the dirt nap. 

7) I want to get my high school ring. I broke my ankle and missed too much work to be able to buy it back then.

8) I want to be a grandma one day. That is beyond my control as my son wants to wait until he can properly support them. I tried to tell him that will never happen. On one hand he’s got a point, he’s not ready; on the other if the male history is anything to go by he never will be. I suppose he needs to find a girl he wants to have kids with first… right now… get this! he’s more interested in his career. I think I did good? I’ve been trying out names… Meemee, G-ma, Gran… mom mom, maw maw… granmaw… lol… 

9) to get published.  I’m trying… ONGOING


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