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I have a question about reviews

Hello Wordypress type people!

This Post is more a question to the Authors out there and asking for an opinion. (Which I may or may not go along with.)

I read, a lot. I just rated and reviewed 10 books on my kindle because I got behind on the review writing.  Now, with Amazon being a giant stick in the mud (about authors so-called “knowing each other personally through social media” usually complete BS ) and Facebook being a putz about using your “real name” on your account. (UGH!!! Ya’ll why did you go and have to screw up a perfectly nice system?!) I put all my little author friends in one category of friendship so I could send them messages as a group and shield them from my non-pertinent blatherings. Being in that group means only they can see what I post to them and big bruh Amazon can’t (I hope) I tagged the authors I reviewed and then sent them personal messages to let them know I had R&R’d (Rate & Review feel free to use it) their books.

Enough dillying.. time for the question:

Should I post the reviews here too and risk Amazon taking them down? I think reviewing books I enjoyed, would help the author get exposure (of course)  but also might alert Amazon to think we know each other. I don’t want to become a book reviewer blog because that’s not my purpose and Amazon is watching them like a hawk and no longer allows the reviews.


11 thoughts on “I have a question about reviews”

  1. Don’t know. I’ve about given up reviewing. I find it difficult and then az just deletes them phooey. I’ve thought about just doing them on the blog,… some. I hate doing them. Good ones are easy but…

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  2. My humble opinion isn’t going to be much use to you, but I would continue to review books you feel strongly about on your blog and to hell with the corporate censors at Amazon. They can work out their own evil plans while you can have control over your blog and your book reviews. 🙂

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    1. I do review them for the author, I let the author know I did it but I haven’t posted the reviews on my blog or their names.

      The Zon might delete them, I was just asking if I should put them up here or just continue as is.

      I do appreciate the humble opinion. 🙂 I have one myself, but it gets arrogant sometimes.

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  3. I usually put one review up on Amazon and another on Goodreads. The Goodreads review is transferable automatically to my blog. My reasoning behind this is, if the wording isn’t identical, then perhaps Amazon won’t pick up on it. I could, however, be delusional on this point. 😛
    Thing is, it’s important to do the ‘Zon review (as you likely know) because a certain number of them make it possible for the novel to get more exposure through their own system of “readers who read this, also bought…” advertising.


  4. This is such an irritating problem, isn’t it? Here are a couple thoughts. I continue to review on Amazon. If they delete them, oh well. I still did it and hopefully convinced a few readers to take a peek at the books. So far, I haven’t had any reviews deleted, so it’s worked fine. (I do remember reading a post stating that Amazon targets the reviews of Amazon Affiliates because of a conflict of interest. I’m not an Amazon Affiliate, so perhaps that’s why my reviews stand). If you do decide to review privately to the authors, remind them that they can post the reviews themselves under Editorial Reviews, so all is not lost. Hope that helps.

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    1. I review on amazon, what I’m leery about it posting a review on other social media sites. Amazon is removing reviews if the people “know” each other on social media.

      Which is complete crap because I don’t know the other authors just because I follow them or add them as friends on facebook. I follow them because we all support each other.

      So I’ll review on amazon and let the author know that I did it in a private message.

      I just didn’t know if I should put them up on my blog or on my facebook and twitter as well. So far I have not done that.

      Another thing I’ve done is put the authors in their own group so only they see what I post for that group and I’ll tag them in a post marked for authors only. That way they know to look for a review.

      Sad that Amazon makes us sneaky like that.

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  5. One trick I learned is in your review don’t mention that the person is a friend or that you know them.
    I would maybe change the category on FB to something that doesn’t have the word ‘friend’ in it.
    They are getting so dang picky!!! @v@ ❤


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