Manuscript submission watch day 14:

Still nothing… Maybe I am expecting too much too soon. Having never done this before, I’d think that maybe 2 weeks would be long enough for someone to skim the query letter and description and say: Eh… not interested. 

On the other hand…. maybe they HAVE read the query and the description and moved on to the synopsis… and maybe are reading the book now. Maybe I’ve made it to another step in the process by now?

My brain is busy with possibilities… Maybe they haven’t even see it yet… maybe they have and are on the fence about it… maybe they like everything leading up to the actual manuscript and now that they are reading it… are thinking maybe not so interested. Maybe it failed to live up to the expectations? 

Feel free to listen for my mental primal scream of frustration… believe me… it’s out there… reverberating inside my head and the universe. Somewhere out there, something perked up its ears and took notice… or will when it reaches them… 


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