I engage in an Imagination War on Twitter….

Believing in something doesn’t cause it to exist any more than not believing in something causes it not to exist.
I reject this premise. There is a reality somewhere where believing in something does cause it to exist. So… Nyah on you!
that explains all the wookies…
 Yes, but in that reality I’m imagining all the things that you imagine don’t exist. We cancel each other out
So YOU’RE the one. You’ll be dealt with in due time. One of my minions will escape your notice and then.. mwah haa
 I just imagined that I could imagine whatever you imagine first so I can cancel it. It’s foolproof
how far do you want to take this? I just imagined that I could imagine something that you can’t imagine first.
 Yes, sadly, I imagined that, too. Infinite recursion. On the plus side, the other me doesn’t have time..
..to imagine the house filled with ice cream that I deserve.
yeah well…. I imagined that you don’t exist anymore…. so I think I win. Nyah Nyah on you.
 Oh you’re GOOD at this. I’ll have to keep my eye on you. Or I would, if my eyes existed anymore.

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